Day 2 was not very eventful. Mostly lots of driving and a few hours spent in Starbucks during the heat of the day. So far I haven’t run my A/C in the car to save gas and put less strain on the engine as it’s already working much harder to pull a trailer, so not driving during the middle of the day helps me avoid the worst heat.

I enjoy being frugal and finding ways to save money, although I will buy high quality, big ticket items when they’re useful, like my new dslr that I’m taking all these photos with. So last night I slept on the roof of the trailer in a Walmart parking lot. No one said a word to me but the parking lot was so well lit that it felt like I was trying to sleep under the noon day sun. I tied a soft towel over my eyes and that helped, but then I would have to lift it up to see what was going on like when I semi-truck driver pulled up right in front of me which felt like he was about to run me over. My sleep was still fitful due to the bright light and noise but for $FREE.99 I’m not complaining.