I spent Sunday night trying to sleep on the beach. In theory, sleeping on the beach sounds great, but when you seek to execute the plan it doesn’t turn out quite like imagined. The tarp I laid down got real sandy, real quick. My pillow became damp with salt spray. My feet started getting bit by little ants. There were todriving by even though it was 3 in the morning. To say the least, I got back in my car at about 5 in the morning and decided I would rather try to sleep sitting up in the car than on the beach. Note to self: don’t try to sleep on the beach without a tent

Monday morning, I arrived at the apartment complex and was warmly greeted by everyone. They helped me unload my stuff out of the trailer into my apartment. It went quick with so many helping hands, even the little kids wanted in on it.

After a much needed nap, I was invited to eat dinner with one of the families. We played cards afterward and had a good time.

I’m very thankful to our Father for causing my road trip to go well. Even if many of my plans changed along the way He was in control and He got me here and I am rejoicing!