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Spiritual Life

-That I would spend sufficient time in the Word and prayer each day for my joy to be full in Jesus

-For increased awareness of sin and a hatred and repentance from it

-For increased awareness of need for Christ and greater love for Him

-For victory in spiritual warfare

Personal Life

-That relationships would be marked by grace and love

-For patience and perseverance and relief during physical sickness

-For sufficient sleep and exercise

-For discipline to work hard

Language and Culture

-For progress and perseverance in language study

-For cultural understanding and assimilation

Outreach and Discipleship

-For boldness

-For open doors to proclaim the Gospel

-For those who hear, that God would save many unto the praise of the glory of his grace

-For confidence in God’s Word and Spirit

-For willing disciples to be trained

-For perseverance under persecution

Government and Society

-For favor with local authorities

-For righteous laws and freedoms to be enforced

-For more jobs to be created

-For more goods and services to be produced (economic growth)